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Do I have to be a member?


The Cheyenne Trap and Skeet Club is open to the public. Club membership is not required to participate in any of the tournaments, leagues or turkey shoots. 


Members of the club are eligible to receive:

Reduced rates on practice shooting in the form of a clay card (10 rounds for $50)

Reloading components for purchase at prices below retail costs

Voting rights at annual meeting


Membership costs:

Annual Membership: $50

Good for one calendar year from purchase 

Life Membership: $400

Included membership for immediate family (significant others and children under 18)


What shells can I shoot?


Only 7 ½, 8 or 9 size shot in target loads of 3 dram of less equivalent can be used on any shooting field.


Only guns 12 gauge of smaller may be used on any shooting field. 


Maximum of ATA speed limit not to exceed 1300 fsp in velocity


Rules and Regulations


General Safety

  • Actions must be kept open when not shooting

  • Shooters are not permitted to load gun until on the line

  • Parents will be responsible for children at all times

  • No guns in the clubhouse

  • All shooters must follow the posted alcohol rules

  • Only shooters and authorized personnel are allowed on the firing line

  • Eye and ear protection are to be worn by all shooters when on the firing line and is recommended to be worn by all individuals on or near the firing line


Line Etiquette

  • Shooters are not permitted to change posts once shooting has begun

  • Only 5 shooters permitted on a field at one time

  • Shooters are allowed to load only 1 shell at a time except for when shooting doubles

  • No shooter may mount or load his/her gun until the previous shooter has shot

  • Once gun is loaded muzzle must be kept pointed down range

  • Guns must be unloaded from post to post

  • Broken open gun with shell in the chamber cannot be rested unop toe, shooter must hold gun

  • No guns will be loaded or pointed down range while the flag on the trap house is visible

  • Talking while on the line needs to be kept to a minimum to prevent extra birds from being thrown


Yardage 16-20

1 yard difference between adjacent shooters with no more than a maximum of 2 yard 


Yardage 21-27

2 yard difference between adjacent shooters with no more than a maximum of 3 yard


***Each shooter is responsible for his/her self and fellow shooters at all times***

***ATA and NRA safety rules will prevail and apply at all times***

***Cheyenne Trap and Skeet Club is not responsible for accidents or loss 

of personal property***

***Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. CTSC reserves the right to disqualify or eject any shooter disrupting the harmony of a shoot or not abiding by club or safety rules***


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